Conditions of Entry


Welcome to Geelong Sports Museum (GSM). We hope you enjoy your visit.
Kardinia Park Stadium Trust (KPST, we, our or us) operates the GSM. From time to time, we allow
patrons who have purchased tickets to events occurring on our lands (Event Tickets) to enter the
GSM without purchasing a separate ticket to the GSM. We also provide for the separate sale of
tickets to the GSM (GSM Tickets and, together with Event Tickets, Tickets), typically for use on nonevent days.
By entering the GSM, you, as the original purchaser of a Ticket or as a subsequent admission
ticket-holder (referred to as you or your), agree to be bound by and adhere to these terms and
conditions (Ts & Cs). These Ts & Cs apply to any area considered by us to be part of the GSM (the
GSM Areas). These Ts & Cs and use of and access to the GSM Areas are governed by the laws of
Victoria and we may vary these Ts & Cs at any time.

Tickets are sold subject to these Ts & Cs and any additional terms and conditions relating to Kardinia
Park Stadium Trust lands and facilities and/or the GSM (KPST Terms). Admission to GSM Areas is
subject to the KPST Terms, including KPST’s Conditions of Entry available at
htps://www.kardiniapark.vic.gov.au/conditions-of-entry/. The KPST Terms may be disclosed on the
KPST or GSM website, at the GSM at the time of purchase of GSM Tickets or upon request. Parts of
the KPST Terms are also displayed at the GSM entrance.
The KPST Terms include, but are not limited to, the following terms.

Terms and Conditions of Entry

• Touch or interfere with any artefacts, works or other objects on display or any related fittngs,
furnishings, materials, or placards;
• Take into GSM Areas any professional cameras or other professional photographic or
recording equipment;
• Use, in any GSM Areas, any photographic or recording equipment (including cameras, video
recorders or recording apparatus or applicatons, tripods, selfie-sticks, flash or lighting
equipment) other than mobile phones for personal, non-commercial (only) use. If you are a
member of the media, please ask staff for any terms specific to media photography and
• Smoke (including use of e-cigarettes or vapes), eat or drink in any GSM Areas (unless you
have GSM staff approval to do so); or
• Bring into any GSM Areas any animals or other wildlife, except for registered assistance dogs.

• Comply with all directions, rules or policies established or communicated by us;
• Conduct yourself in a way that, in our reasonable opinion, does not interfere with, disrupt, or
offend other persons (we will not tolerate any abuse directed towards GSM staff, volunteers,
contractors, or other visitors, or behaviour that is discriminatory, threatening, inappropriate,
abusive or illegal, including but not limited to conduct or comments relating to race,
ethnicity, gender, sexuality, physical ability or religion);
• Store in GSM lockers any bags considered by us to be large, umbrellas or any other items that
we consider capable of being used to cause damage to or conceal a collection item, as
directed by GSM staff;
• Wear footwear that will protect you against injury;
• Supervise any children or minors (including school children) or other persons for whom you
are responsible and ensure that they do not breach any of these Ts & Cs;
• Comply with any reasonable request by GSM staff in relation to your entry or continued
presence within GSM Areas; and
• Be accompanied by a supervising adult if you are under 12 years of age.

• Deny you entry into, or remove you from, any GSM Areas where we believe we have grounds
to do so, including if you are intoxicated, under the influence of drugs, noisy, disrespectful,
inappropriately attired, seek admission (or continued admission) outside operating hours or
within a period determined by GSM staff to be sufficiently close to operating hours to require
the winding down of operations within GSM Areas on the relevant day, or if you are in any
way adversely affecting the safety or enjoyment of any GSM staff atendees;
• Require you to submit to a search of your person and/or possessions (including any bag,
luggage or other object) before entering into the GSM or while in or leaving any GSM Areas;
• Record or capture any image of you (including on any camera, surveillance, security or other
monitoring equipment) while in or around any GSM Areas, which may be used for various
purposes, including for disclosure to any third party (including law enforcement agencies) or
as part of an exhibition or installation of GSM or for marketing, reporting or legal purposes
relating in any way to GSM; and
• Cancel, add, withdraw, reschedule or substitute any exhibitions of exhibition items, ticket
prices, venues or audience capacity, and this will not give rise to any right to a refund or
exchange of Ticket or any other compensation, except to the extent set out in our ticket
terms and conditions.

• GSM has no liability for loss or damage to your valuables or other personal items or, subject
to applicable laws, any injury you suffer;
• By entering into any GSM Areas and/or using any equipment or facilities within the GSM, you
accept that you do so at your own risk (subject to applicable laws) and acknowledge and
agree that neither we nor any of our directors, officers, trustees, employees or agents are
responsible for any direct or indirect loss, damage, harm, expense, claim or injury arising
from or relating in any way to your entry to or attendance at or presence within any GSM
Areas and/or use of any equipment or facilities within the GSM;
• To the fullest extent permitted by law, you release, discharge, and indemnify us and each of
our directors, officers, trustees, employees and agents (together with KPST, the Indemnified
Parties) from all claims and demands and any loss or damage whatsoever and whenever
caused, arising from or relating in any way to your entry to or attendance at or presence
within any GSM Areas and/or use of any equipment or facilities within the GSM, except to
the extent such claim arises as a result of KPST’s grossly negligent conduct or any wilful act
of misconduct by KPST. This indemnity, release and discharge includes (but is not limited to)
any liability in relation to any claims arising out of or related to any loss, damage, injury or
death sustained by you or of/to your property, whether caused by you or us or any
Indemnified Party or any third party, while participating in or in related to any activity while
you are within any GSM Areas or relating to any equipment or facilities within the GSM
Areas; and
• Subject to applicable laws, you agree not to hold an Indemnified Party responsible or liable
for any loss or damage suffered or incurred by you if you die or are injured as a result of
participating in any activities within any GSM Areas or due to the rendering of first aid or
assistance, including without limitation any medical, ambulance or rehabilitation costs,
economic loss or loss of income. You agree that it is your responsibility to have adequate
health insurance, ambulance cover/membership, income protection insurance or life