Game Changers

Geelong is the home ground for some of Australia's most accomplished, and distinctive athletes. Those who have reshaped the landscape of sports, not only through their groundbreaking achievements, but in the unique ways they achieved them.

The Game Changers collection celebrates athletes who set new records and changed the game. John Landy famously stopped his race to help another runner. Trish Fallon’s fearless style shattered basketball’s norms and shot Australia into the international spotlight. Russell Mockridge won two Olympic Gold medals in the same day, only 6 years after his first competitive race. Bev Francis ignited a revolution in bodybuilding, empowering other women to break barriers and challenge stereotypes. Gail Couper defied all odds and clinched several unforgettable victories at Bells Beach. And Geelong’s AFLW team are forging the path for inclusivity in sport for future generations. The collection features every one of their stories, and more. 

Experience every extraordinary detail, as you relive Geelong’s game-changing sporting highlights. These athletes prove that humility, bravery and heart are as important as physical skill. By embodying the ideal that it’s about how you play the game, they have left an indelible legacy, not only on their sport, but on the world as well.